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Re: Looking for a pointer on what to search for to find information on command expansion / substitution.

On 2/25/23 12:20 PM, Grant Taylor wrote:
The magic-abbrev-expand() function seems to be more complex than I remember.  But perhaps I'm mis-remembering and / or this version is more robust than what I was using.

I wanted to provide some follow up on some minor tweaks that I've made to be compatible with an older version of Zsh; 4.3.10.

I have changed the following:

    typeset -gA abbreviations=(
      'sclient' 'openssl s_client'

To be:

    typeset -gA abbreviations
    typeset abbreviations=(
      'sclient' 'openssl s_client'

I have also remarked the following:

    emulate -L zsh -o extended_glob

I am indeed getting the desired functionality, even on older versions of Zsh.

Thank you again Roman for pointing to the documentation and for the solution.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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