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Re: tss, a tool to manage files with filename tags

Le 30/07/2023 à 19:34, Thomas Lauer a écrit :
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From: Johan Grande <nahoj@xxxxxxxxx>

fd, with a number of aliases and zsh functions I've defined, does a very
good job of locating (my variety of) tagged files; it'll be interesting
to compare this with your approach.

Are you also talking about tags in file names or audio/video/exif tags,
or something else?

Yeah, "tagged" filenames. I can find all pics done at a (or between)
certain dates/times, rough location, type (panorama, portrait...) etc.

OK, cool. I've been tagging files with dates myself. TagSpaces has a feature named smart tags to do this but I thought it would be overkill to add as a specific feature to tss; using queries such as `tss files -t '2012-07*'` or '<2012-2016>*' and sometimes $(date ...) does the job.

Well, if you find some use for tss now or in the future, feel free to drop me a mail, I'd love to hear.


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