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Re: Tagged parameters

On 8/15/2023 17:41, Grant Taylor wrote:
On 8/15/23 1:10 PM, Ray Andrews wrote:
The problem of manuals being written by people who are already experts is always hard to avoid.

Who would you suggest write about ${TOPIC} if not someone that has already learned about ${TOPIC} and ostensibly has some level of mastery / expertise thereof?

Manuals must serve the person who is not already an expert and that's difficult because the minds are different.

I don't agree.

Documentation, of any sort, is better than no documentation.

N.B. I don't consider source code to be documentation that is accessible by most people.

Yes, there is some documentation that tends to qualify as more reference material and other documentation that qualifies as more teaching material.  Traditional manual pages are often an example of the former. While Ho-To guides on The Linux Documentation Project tend to be examples of the latter.

I believe there are places for both types of documentation. What's more is that neither type of documentation precludes the other from existing.

I would much rather have something terse, dense, and quick from a programmer that doesn't have time to word smith than not have even that.

Others who don't feel comfortable can take the snippet from the programmer and turn it into more friendly if not training friendly documentation.

I always thought that was what technical writers were for.

Of course, we could always hand it to ChatGPT to write the Zsh manual :)

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