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Re: ls *.mp4 → ls : invalid option -- 'M'

On 2023-10-16 20:49, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On the other had we have plenty of people requesting that completions
offer either more, or more contextually specific, matches.
Isn't that a different issue?  One can't have too much control.
people certainly want assistance rather than imperatives,
Pardon?  How do the two conflict? 
 and the
EDITOR/VISUAL checks have never prevented anyone from being explicit

True, it's a  philosophical thing, but the majority commented that they found it either confusing or even confounding.  I favor things like that having one point of control which is an explicit imperative:

bindkey -vi

I tell the shell what I want.  No guessing, no wondering, no conflicts.  Personal thing of course, but I myself consider simplicity to be a very strong value.  I'd even go as far as calling the EDITOR thing a bug.  Complexity that adds power is one thing, but complexity that just adds lines of code while offering zero improvement in control is another.  I'm probably a bit of an extremist in this tho.


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