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Re: new zsh mailing list up and running

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Coleman <coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Richard> The combination exmh+mh+procmail is one of
Richard> the best for dealing with high volumes of mail.

Mmmm... I'm not quite sure you're right. Have you ever tested
(ding) Gnus for Emacs ? This is still in alpha stage, but it is really
stable now (http://www.ifi.uio.no/~larsi/ for more information).

I use procmail + (ding) Gnus to handle every day about 600 mails (a
lot of mailing-lists, postmaster for a 2000+ students organization,
...) and it works fine ; (ding) Gnus consider mails as being news in a
private spool. This implies that your mail gets threaded as usenet
news are, and that newsgroups and mailgroups are mixed. You also have
a level associated to each group (mail or news) which correspond to a
priority of the articles in it.

You can choose between a lot of back-ends to store your mails with
(ding) Gnus: nnml is a custom one, nnmh stores them in the mh way,
nnmbox keeps everything in one Unix mailbox, you can read mail stores
using Rmail format, ...

The kill process (which now applies to mail as well as to news) has
been enhanced: it's now a score process. You may (temporarily or
definitively) raise or lower someone's score, a subject, a
cross-posting, ..., and sort your group buffer by score.

Ok, I'll stop this advertisement now :-) Anyway, I'm very happy with my
zsh+procmail+(ding)Gnus+X11R6 setup :)

Richard> I can never decide which way I think is best.  The problem
Richard> with setting the Reply-To field back to the list is that this
Richard> strips out information that sometimes is necessary if you do
Richard> want to respond directly to the sender rather than the list.
Richard> Also there is the risk that people will accidently send
Richard> things to the list that they didn't intend for everyone to
Richard> see.

I strongly agree with this. Some lists I've subscribed to do set this
"Reply-To" header ; there is a lot of garbage on each of these lists,
such as "Oh, John, I didn't know you were still alive, how are you,
your wife, your children" and such because people think they're
answering to John only.

"La cervelle des petits enfants, ca doit avoir comme un petit gout de noisette"
                                                       Charles Baudelaire

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