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intepreting octal and globbing breakage

> RC> I've made a test release zsh-2.6-beta9-test2.tar.gz
> RC> and put it in the testing directory of the archive.
> RC> I've been sorta busy this week so I haven't finished
> RC> a lot of the things I want to do before I release the
> RC> next beta.  So I want to work on it for another week
> RC> or so before I make a real beta release.
> Are you going to address the zstrtol/strtol lossage in this beta?
> It's responsible for breaking brace and numeric range globbing:

> In this case, can't we just go back to using zstrtol like in the old days?
> At least it works.

That's one of the reasons I just made a test release rather than the
real thing.  I'll probably have to go back using zstrtol.  That would
also make it easy to fix it so that numbers beginning with '0' are not
interpreted as octal.  I sorta hate to do this, since then zstrtol
would be even more incompatible with the standard strtol.  I also hate
the idea of interpreting 0xff has hex, but not interpreting 010 as
octal.  I also hate the idea of adding (yet another) option to control

What does ksh and bash do?  I'm inclined to go with the principle of
least surprise and make this compatible with however the other shells
handle this.

At any rate, I'll try to fix the globbing breakage before I release


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author