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Re: Compctl fixes & a query

A.Main@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I think that, in the interests of consistency and name space
> preservation, it would be a good idea to use ~+n rather than ~n, as
> this reduces the number of characters that are treated specially.  ~+n
> and ~-n can then be interpreted however pushd interprets +n and -n,
> depending on whether PUSHD_MINUS is set or not.  What do people think
> of this?

I'm not keen on this either, it's just too long for a short cut.
Furthermore, on this keyboard ~ and + are at opposite ends of the
keyboard.  I can do both with a left shift or right shift but it's a
little messy.  I'm not very accurate with touch-typing the top row and
this maximises the difficulty.

It shouldn't be too cumbersome to check for a row of numbers followed
by either a slash or the end of the word.  Presumably named
directories are going to have to take priority anyway in case there
are numeric user names (and on the basis that if you put it there, you
want it back again).

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