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Re: Compctl fixes & a query

>I'm not keen on this either, it's just too long for a short cut.
>Furthermore, on this keyboard ~ and + are at opposite ends of the
>keyboard.  I can do both with a left shift or right shift but it's a
>little messy.  I'm not very accurate with touch-typing the top row and
>this maximises the difficulty.

Yes.  I suppose it will have to be ~n rather than ~+n, or maybe both
could be available.  It would just be very neat to have only ~+whatever
and ~-whatever treated specially.

>It shouldn't be too cumbersome to check for a row of numbers followed
>by either a slash or the end of the word.  Presumably named
>directories are going to have to take priority anyway in case there
>are numeric user names (and on the basis that if you put it there, you
>want it back again).

There's a slight problem there if a numeric username clashes with a
directory stack reference.  Unless anyone has any major objections,
then when the next testing/beta release is made I'll code the following

o It will not be possible to add a directory name starting with +, - or
  a digit to the hash table;

o When a directory is looked up for %~ prompt sequences and similar,
  only entries in the hash table will be used (this is actually what is
  currently done);

o When a ~ sequence is expanded, anything starting with +, - or a digit
  will not be looked up in the hash table, though the empty sequence
  (i.e. ~/whatever) will be;

o ~+ and ~- will be as they are now, ~n will refer to what =n currently
  refers to regardless of PUSHD_MINUS (is this what was meant by
  "absolute" stack references?), and (this is the only really new bit,
  does anyone want it?) ~+n and ~-n will refer to directory stack
  entries in accordance with PUSHD_MINUS.


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