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beta11-test9 available for testing

We are approaching the release of beta11.  There are still
many changes I want to make, but I need to get something out
for people to test.  So I have put the file


in /pub/zsh/testing on my ftp server (ftp.math.gatech.edu).
This directory is not readable (I don't want mirror sites to
pick it up yet), but you can still get it by

cd /pub/zsh
get testing/zsh-2.6-beta11-test9.tar.gz

This release should be considered alpha quality.  In general it
seems usable, but there are still bugs.  In particular `bindkey'
without any arguments currently core dumps.  I'll try to fix this
later this week (unless someone beats me to it).

Don't be surprised if your favorite patch is not merged yet.
I still have many patches to go.  Some patches that have been
submitted will need modification before they merge cleanly.  If
you can resubmit a new patch, I would appreciate it.  It will speed
things up.  Please just make sure you explain in the message what
you are changing and why.  

Richard Coleman

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