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Re: beta11-test9 available for testing

Richard wrote:
> Don't be surprised if your favorite patch is not merged yet.
> I still have many patches to go.  Some patches that have been
> submitted will need modification before they merge cleanly.  If
> you can resubmit a new patch, I would appreciate it.  It will speed
> things up.  Please just make sure you explain in the message what
> you are changing and why.  

I also made my release based on beta11-test9.  It can be ftp'ed from


And the files:

-rw-r--r--  383996 Oct 10 22:02 zsh-2.6-beta11-test9-hzoli11-RCS.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--  109093 Oct 10 22:05 zsh-2.6-beta11-test9-hzoli11-diff.gz
-rw-r--r--  616509 Oct 10 22:14 zsh-2.6-beta11-test9-hzoli11.tar.gz

The directory is executable only, do do not worry if dir gives you nothing.

It already contains almost all of the missing patches from test9 modified for
the beta11 release.  Some patches need some redesign.  E.g. the &|
disown-backgrounding patch from Zefram is much shorter now due to the changes
in beta11.

The RCS version is only usable if unpacked in the main directory of an
official beta11-test9 distribution.

The net is wery busy here recently, so try to download it during the night in

A note to Richard: it seems that you merged patch 185 into utils.c but not
into zle_tricky.c.  Did you do it on purpose?


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