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global zlogout and .zlogout

> > I've just grabed Zoltan's release, after MANY trials :-( Without
> > ncftp's nifty appending get I wouldn't have managed...
> > 
> > I noticed that the global zlogout is not sourced if NORCS is set. I
> > think this is wrong, it should always be executed, just like the
> > global zshenv.
> I think that the same holds for the vanilla beta10.  zlogout should be
> executed if zlogin (or zprofile) executed on login.  Currently zlogout
> executed only on exit from login shells if NO_RCS is not set.

I'm going back through old mail, so I was looking at this problem
again.  I'm want to know what everyone this is the most usual

Currently in the zsh baseline, the global zlogout is only
executed for a login shell if NO_RCS is not set and the shell is
interactive.  This is definitely wrong.  My first reaction is to have
the global zlogout always executed (regardless of NO_RCS) when a login
shell is exiting.  This is the way the global zlogin file is handled.

Also, I now realize another potential problem.  When the init scripts
are sourced when the shell is starting up, there is a hack (setting the
sourcelevel to 32768) that prevents an error in these scripts from tripping
ERREXIT.  This same should probably apply to the global zlogout and .zlogout.

What does everyone think?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author