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Re: global zlogout and .zlogout

Richard Coleman (coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote on 18 October 1995 01:59:

 >> > I've just grabed Zoltan's release, after MANY trials :-( Without
 >> > ncftp's nifty appending get I wouldn't have managed...
 >> > 
 >> > I noticed that the global zlogout is not sourced if NORCS is set. I
 >> > think this is wrong, it should always be executed, just like the
 >> > global zshenv.

 >I'm want to know what everyone this is the most usual behavoir.

Is this a local dialect? :-)

 >Currently in the zsh baseline, the global zlogout is only
 >executed for a login shell if NO_RCS is not set and the shell is
 >interactive.  This is definitely wrong.  My first reaction is to have
 >the global zlogout always executed (regardless of NO_RCS) when a login
 >shell is exiting.

This is exactly what I said above.

 >This is the way the global zlogin file is handled.

No, because you can set NO_RCS in your .zshenv. That's why I say above
"just like the global zshenv", which is the only one that's always

Anyway, we agree on zlogout.

 >Also, I now realize another potential problem.  When the init scripts
 >are sourced when the shell is starting up, there is a hack (setting the
 >sourcelevel to 32768) that prevents an error in these scripts from tripping
 >ERREXIT.  This same should probably apply to the global zlogout and .zlogout.

Only to the global one. The user's one is his problem.


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