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Re: bug in zsh 2.6 beta 11

> Thanks for confirming that the problems were not just mine.  Unless
> you need me to test it, instead of finding the patch in the list
> archives, I will wait for a later release.
> I tried the patch you sent, and zsh now works under emacs but does not
> work under xterm.

In what way doesn't it work under xterm.  On what architecture? What OS?
After the subshell patch, what is going wrong?

> FWIW, I think that I have tried about 5 versions of zsh, including the
> most recent release and several recent betas, and that the only one I
> have gotten to work is 2.3.1.  Maybe things will stabilize when 2.6
> goes "gamma".  Anybody know when 2.6 will likely be released?  I am
> just looking for reliability and speed, since I am not a feature
> creature and I prefer not to attempt to hack on the zsh source.

I've given up trying to estimate when we will release the next production
version of zsh (which will be labeled zsh-3.0).  Since zsh has gotten a
reputation for being buggy, I want to make sure things are ultra-solid
before we make our production release.  Maybe in 3 or 4 months, but no


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author