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Re: bug in zsh 2.6 beta 11

Quoth Richard Coleman on 1995 November 8:
> In what way doesn't it work under xterm.  On what architecture? What OS?
> After the subshell patch, what is going wrong?

In the same way I reported in my previous message: it hangs after
printing the first prompt.  Solaris 2.4, SS20, X11R5.  This is before
and after applying the patch CC'ed to me.

> reputation for being buggy, I want to make sure things are ultra-solid
> before we make our production release.  Maybe in 3 or 4 months, but no
> promises.

Didn't know it had that reputation generally.  I'll probably wait and
use 2.3.1 until then.

2.3.1 works OK for me except for a few scoping bugs which I have
reported, the fact that it hangs when certain pipelines are
interrupted, which I think is known, and very minor bugs.  Just hoping
a newer version will be faster.

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