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Re: couple of zsh features

On Dec 7, 11:31am, Matt Liggett wrote:
} Subject: couple of zsh features
} 1) Right-hand command prompting.
} [...]  I think this sort of "right justifying" could be a 
} good visual clue for some people and help them set commands off from 
} output.

I think you ought to think about this a bit longer.  Anybody who is
that confused about what's a command and what's output shouldn't be
driving a shell without supervision.

} 2) `oops'
} What oops does is takes the first word that failed to parse 
} correctly in the previous line and replaces it with its argument.  

Have you tried "setopt correctall"?

I do think correctall would be more usable if you could actually enter
the corrected spelling at the SPROMT, rather than merely accepting or
rejecting the guess and then having to go back to zle to edit the line.

} Maybe some kind of compctl-based matching could be used to determine 
} which word in the previous command was a likely mismatch.

It might be useful to have the word or character position of the last
failed correction available to compctl, and to have a history reference
for the last unknown command or syntax error.

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