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Re: couple of zsh features

At Thu, 7 Dec 1995 09:29:00 -0800, Barton E. Schaefer writes:
> On Dec 7, 11:31am, Matt Liggett wrote:
> } 1) Right-hand command prompting.

> I think you ought to think about this a bit longer.  Anybody who is
> that confused about what's a command and what's output shouldn't be
> driving a shell without supervision.

I can tell what's what, but it could save me the odd 0.75 second here 
or there when I'm scanning up to find the command.

> } 2) `oops'

> Have you tried "setopt correctall"?

Yes, but this would be a less active correction (more passive?) by 
the shell, and would be a bit more powerful.

> I do think correctall would be more usable if you could actually enter
> the corrected spelling at the SPROMT, rather than merely accepting or
> rejecting the guess and then having to go back to zle to edit the line.

Yes, this would be nearly as good.  Hmm...

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