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Re: Two Flavors of ZSH ?

esky@xxxxxxxxxxx said:
> It was my understanding that when Zoltan Hidvegi took over the list
> from Richard Coleman (is Zoltan still in charge of things?), he was
> going to incorporate Zefram's patches into the official ZSH release in
> the interest of preventing ZSH from proliferating into several
> different and potentially incompatible products. 

I think that's still the plan.  It's just that there hasn't been a release 
from Zoltan for a long time, for some reason.  I'd hope that everything that 
Zefram's version has will be in the official release; I don't recall anything 
controversial (other than the bashisms in the compilation scripts, which were 
a oversight on Zefram's part).

esky@xxxxxxxxxxx said:
> P.S.  Is dynamic loading available in the current ZSH, and if so,
>       is it stable on supported platforms? 

I think so.  I only have access to Solaris2.5.1 and Linux (elf, 
2.0.something). On those platforms where it's supported, I think zle and other 
pretty important things are modules (typically), so I'd expect more complaints 
if it didn't work.

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