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Two Flavors of ZSH ?


I used to be involved in ZSH development, but I have been away for
about two years.

I recall that around the time that I was still involved (ZSH 2.6
was the official release and talk about ZSH 3.0 had just started),
there were two flavors of ZSH: the official distribution and the
Zefram-patched distribution.

It was my understanding that when Zoltan Hidvegi took over the list
from Richard Coleman (is Zoltan still in charge of things?), he was
going to incorporate Zefram's patches into the official ZSH release
in the interest of preventing ZSH from proliferating into several
different and potentially incompatible products.

After I rejoined this mailing list, I noticed a zsh-3.1.2-zefram3
patch.  Does this mean that we have more than one flavor of ZSH in
the world?


P.S.  Is dynamic loading available in the current ZSH, and if so,
      is it stable on supported platforms?  A few years ago, I was
      going to add a module called Objective-Z to add Objective-C
      support to ZSH.  I gave up on it because it required custom
      patches to ZSH and worked only on systems with GNU C (in fact,
      my prototype only ran under NEXTSTEP, which is now OPENSTEP).
      Perhaps integrated dynamic loading supprt will make my task
      simpler and more portable (the idea was to dynamically load
      Objective-C classes to extend the shell's functionality).

Eskandar Ensafi               <esky@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Space Computer Corporation    <ensafi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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