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Re: Two Flavors of ZSH ?

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Eskandar Ensafi wrote:

> P.S.  Is dynamic loading available in the current ZSH, and if so,
>       is it stable on supported platforms?  A few years ago, I was
>       going to add a module called Objective-Z to add Objective-C
>       support to ZSH.  I gave up on it because it required custom
>       patches to ZSH and worked only on systems with GNU C (in fact,
>       my prototype only ran under NEXTSTEP, which is now OPENSTEP).
>       Perhaps integrated dynamic loading supprt will make my task
>       simpler and more portable (the idea was to dynamically load
>       Objective-C classes to extend the shell's functionality).

I am working with dynaload since it first appeared (zsh-3.1.0) and haven't
got any noticable problems (apart from initial build quirks - but they
should be sorted now).

As for your question ... A dynamically loaded module can currently provide
new builtin and zle widget. It cannot e.g. add new option, new completion
rule or like. And it definitely cannot change/extend syntax and/or
grammar. So, if you Objetive-Z fits in additional builtin paradigm - yes,
it is doable now. But if you planned to extend grammmar to add Objective C
- I am afraid, not.

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