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Re: env variables

Nik Gervae <Nik@xxxxxxx> typed:
:> More information please.
:Here's some from me.
:> In zsh, does
:> % export | egrep "(CVSROOT|MANPATH|CLASSPATH)"
:> list all three?
:My problem is with cdpath (lowercase). I have modified my rc files to
:do this:
:    export cdpath=(. /usr/pic5 /usr/tmp)
:    export CDPATH=${(j/:/)cdpath}
:...so that both case-versions of the variable are defined. I noted that
:when I set only cdpath, CDPATH wasn't automatically getting defined
:as the documentation says it should. Hmm.
:Anyway, cdpath still doesn't show up in my environment. This small
:program gets NULL for "cdpath" but retrieves "CDPATH" just fine:
:This is all in version 3.0.5.

Arrays aren't exported, because there's no standard or de facto method of
exporting arrays, so nothing would understands them.  Only strings are
exported.  From your example, CDPATH is a string, cdpath is an array.
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