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zsh-workers: zsh-3.1.4


Zsh version 3.1.4 has been released, and an announcement posted to

For your convenience, the MD5 message digests:
c4c84a4ed2a9817812bb2cf06173ab08  zsh-3.1.3-3.1.4.diff.gz
cda8f4ff5f9a3822d08600180fb67922  zsh-3.1.4-doc.tar.gz
bcf3e6423262b0d0418ebdd5c86b1bf7  zsh-3.1.4.tar.gz

I wasn't able to put in all the patches I wanted to in this release.
My development machine is on its last elbows, such that over the last
couple of days gcc was hitting a memory error every other compile.
I thought it better to release now, rather than wait until I get a new
machine, in order to have a release with the configure bug fixed.

Some significant patches NOT included in 3.1.4 are:

3933  Dynamic loading on AIX
    No objection in principle, but I want the .export lists to be
    generated automatically.  I was going to add a "#define mod_export"
    into zsh.h, and have makepro.awk add to the export lists any symbols
    declared using this pseudo-keyword.  As I said, practical problems
    prevented me from doing this.

3950  set blocking read on stdin
    I'm rather dubious about this EWOULDBLOCK business.  I think this
    should be EAGAIN.  I'm also a bit suspicious about where the blocking
    status is being changed, but I haven't examined it in detail yet.

3969  fix spaceinline() to fix yank
    I think spaceinline() already has the correct behaviour, and
    callers that invoke the boundary case should explicitly implement
    the behaviour they actually want.

3983  exporting unset special parameters
    I wanted to do this properly, to get consistent behaviour.
    Practical problems again.

3990  PWD parameter
    Not decided what the correct behaviour is.  It might be good to aim
    for the pure sh/ksh situation of having no actual special parameters
    (in the zsh sense) when in sh/ksh mode.


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