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Re: zsh-workers: zsh-3.1.4

A couple of build oddities (on RedHat 4.2 Linux):

"make clean" fails when /bin/sh is bash because $(SUBDIRS) is empty in
Doc and Etc and maybe elsewhere.  Bash gets a syntax error at

	for subdir in ; do

even though that is prefixed with "if test -n '$(SUBDIRS)'" because it
apparently wants to parse the entire line before executing any of it.

The above is an additional problem because following a configure with
--enable-dynamic, it's necessary to "make clean" in order to get a
successful compile using --disable-dynamic.  Reconfiguring with dynamic
disabled without first doing a "make clean" causes some of the sed
replacements on the Makefiles to fail, and make produces weird errors

	g: command not found (ignored)

(Actually, it may fail that way even with a "make clean", because after
discovering the reason "make clean" was failing I resorted to "rm -r"
and then reconfigured.)

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