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Re: Bugreport zsh 3.1.2: Shell exits prematurely after aborting history-incremental-search-backward

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> I still
> think there's an EOF being incorrectly propagated when the bck-i-search:
> prompt is interrupted with C-c, but perhaps that doesn't matter if this
> masks it.

I think even that's OK.  There were two distinct EOF's involved.  The
one I found from debugging was from a previous source:  it really did
reach EOF, so that was the correct behaviour.  The bug was this was 
being remembered, and later on a chain of events (flushing data when
there wasn't any causing a lexstop with no yylex active) caused
*another* EOF to be returned, this time incorrectly, from zleread().
The bug was the chain of events in between, not the EOF's.  (Or am I
missing the point?)

> Side note:  What's the point of leaving out the 'a' in "bck"?  Just to
> make it the same number of characters as "fwd"?

I suppose Paul had an aversion to typing.  Probably understandable
under the circumstances.  He was a vi user :-).

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