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Re: 'remove slash' bug

On Jun 14,  1:56pm, TGAPE! wrote:
} Subject: Re: 'remove slash' bug
} Wayne Davison wrote:
} > 
} > Timothy J Luoma writes:
} >> However, there are times when I am in the middle of a path and do
} >> control-e to get to the end of the line, and the / I put in (and
} >> wanted) is removed.
} > 
} > I haven't managed to reproduce this problem, but I have been meaning
} > to look into a problem with the yank command being used right after
} > an auto-added slash.  I think the yank should leave the slash there
} I can reproduce it.  Type
} /usr<left to u><tab><control-e>

Hm.  What you describe isn't quite the same thing, but I think I've
finally got the original complaint figured out, based on what you say.

In order for the effect to happen, you must have all of autoremoveslash,
alwaystoend, and completeinword set.  Starting with this:

zsh% /usr/

Move the cursor to the 's'.  Press TAB.

3.0.5	-->	/usr/
3.1.4	-->	/usr//

In both cases, the cursor is at the end of the string.  Any following
key other than one bound to self-insert will delete the slash that is
immediately before the cursor.  In 3.1.4, this still leaves the original
slash behind, but it was wrong to have inserted a second slash in the
first place.  In 3.0.5, this (incorrectly?) deletes the only slash.

This also works starting with (say) /u/ or /us/, with the cursor on the
second slash or the 's'.

On Jun 14,  1:56pm, TGAPE! wrote:
} Subject: Re: 'remove slash' bug
} This is actually a more general problem, because it doesn't have to be a
} slash character which gets deleted.  It'll be whatever would be deleted
} with a backspace.

I can't come up with any case that deletes anything other than slashes or
spaces.  Here's how to get it to delete a space:

zsh% touch /tmp/foo
zsh% ls /tm/foo

Move the cursor to the 'm' and press TAB.  In both 3.0.5 and 3.1.4, this
produces "ls /tmp/foo " (note the trailing space).  In 3.1.4, typing any
further key other than self-insert deletes the trailing space.  3.0.5
leaves the space alone.

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