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Re: 'remove slash' bug

Wayne Davison wrote:
> Timothy J Luoma writes:
>> However, there are times when I am in the middle of a path and do
>> control-e to get to the end of the line, and the / I put in (and
>> wanted) is removed.
> I haven't managed to reproduce this problem, but I have been meaning
> to look into a problem with the yank command being used right after
> an auto-added slash.  I think the yank should leave the slash there,
> but perhaps it should be made to depend on what text is being yanked
> (i.e.  make it work just like the yanked text had been typed).

I can reproduce it.  Type

/usr<left to u><tab><control-e>

This is actually a more general problem, because it doesn't have to be a
slash character which gets deleted.  It'll be whatever would be deleted
with a backspace.

I saw this quite some time ago, but was too busy to submit a full
trouble report.  I'm running 3.1.1; I've seen it with 3.1.2 and 3.0.5.
(No, I can't remember why I backed out of 3.1.2, yes, I do feel it's
time to upgrade.)


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