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Re: zsh_on_dos

jherbert@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>  Is there a program which I may buy or download to allow my practicing
> zshell scripting in DOS to save $ on my ISP link ? I realize there would be
> many limitations.

There is a Windows port of zsh.  From section 1.6 of the zsh FAQ:

#  The Windows port mentioned above is maintained separately by Amol
#  Deshpande <amold@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; please mail Amol directly about any
#  Windows-specific problems.  This is quite new, so don't expect it to
#  be perfect.  You can get it from:
#            ftp://ftp.blarg.net/users/amol/zsh  

What this doesn't tell you is that you'll also need a port of ls, and
all the other Unix utilities.  (ls is a particular problem because the
DOS equivalent is built in to COMMAND.COM, and is therefore unavailable
to zsh.)  Have a look at the GNU utilities, as I believe the FSF maintains
DOS ports.


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