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Re: zsh_on_dos

On Sep 10, 11:01am, Zefram wrote:
} Subject: Re: zsh_on_dos
} What this doesn't tell you is that you'll also need a port of ls, and
} all the other Unix utilities.

Check out http://www.cygnus.com/misc/gnu-win32/.  I took a stab at building
3.0.5 using the Cygwin32 compatibility library, and had no serious problems.
The only difficulty is that gnu-win32 does NOT come with curses, termcap or
terminfo libraries, so you have to obtain and build one on your own before
compiling zsh.  It does come with an /etc/termcap, but the entry in there
for the console apparently has some problems.

I vaguely recall that it used to be possible to build zsh without reference
to termcap by leaving out zle.  That doesn't seem to be possible anymore;
termcap references have crept into several parts of the code.

Anyway, besides the above, there's also a collection of unix utilities for
NT called the NT Resource Kit, which I believe (not certain) you get from
Microsoft; and at least one other free or shareware set of tools that I've
seen, but I've forgotten the reference.

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