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Re: PATCH: 3.1.5 - (Sven) Case-insensitive globbing

Jarkko Hietaniemi wrote:
>I am implementing the library under the Artistic License (available
>from the Perl distribution) so there should be no trouble including it
>into zsh, right?

The Artistic License restricts the right to redistribute modified versions
more than the zsh license does.  Perl itself is actually released under
two licenses simultaneously, the Artistic License and the GPL; the GPL
gives total permission to redistribute modified versions, as does the
zsh license.  I would not be happy with part of the zsh distribution
having the more restrictive conditions of the Artistic License.


I'm concerned about how it would be integrated into zsh's globbing code.
I doubt that we can actually use an external library for fuzzy matching,
at least in the cases where the glob pattern contains more than just
literal text.  But others here should be able to give a more definitive
opinion on this.

>The feature: "union directories" aka "multiple working directories"
>aka "virtual directories".

That's an OS issue.  The shell really mustn't fiddle with the semantics of
the filesystem.  Not to mention that it *will* get people into trouble --
no one will expect "rm *" to affect more than one directory.


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