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Re: PATCH: 3.1.5 - (Sven) Case-insensitive globbing

Zefram writes:
 > Jarkko Hietaniemi wrote:
 > >I am implementing the library under the Artistic License (available
 > >from the Perl distribution) so there should be no trouble including it
 > >into zsh, right?
 > The Artistic License restricts the right to redistribute modified versions
 > more than the zsh license does.  Perl itself is actually released under
 > two licenses simultaneously, the Artistic License and the GPL; the GPL
 > gives total permission to redistribute modified versions, as does the
 > zsh license.  I would not be happy with part of the zsh distribution
 > having the more restrictive conditions of the Artistic License.

That's not an actual problem.  I have no problems releasing it almost
under any free-ish license EXCEPT the GPL.  I don't like that one.

 > >Interested?
 > I'm concerned about how it would be integrated into zsh's globbing code.
 > I doubt that we can actually use an external library for fuzzy matching,
 > at least in the cases where the glob pattern contains more than just
 > literal text.  But others here should be able to give a more definitive
 > opinion on this.

Whatever.  I will implement mine as a generic library.  Do what you will.

 > >The feature: "union directories" aka "multiple working directories"
 > >aka "virtual directories".
 > That's an OS issue.  The shell really mustn't fiddle with the semantics of
 > the filesystem.  Not to mention that it *will* get people into trouble --

I would say the proposed case-blind option is very much fiddling with
the semantics of the filesystem.

 > no one will expect "rm *" to affect more than one directory.

I don't remember anyone saying this new option would be the default.

 > -zefram
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