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Re: PATCH: 3.1.5 - (Sven) Case-insensitive globbing

Zefram writes:
 > Jarkko Hietaniemi wrote:
 > >That's not an actual problem.  I have no problems releasing it almost
 > >under any free-ish license EXCEPT the GPL.  I don't like that one.
 > That's OK then.  Obviously, for code to go into the zsh distribution,
 > it would be most preferable for it to be released under the existing
 > zsh license.

But, but, but...I don't want my code to be married with zsh, neither....

Hmmm.  Because it's my code I can do several releases of it and as
many releases with whatever licenses I happen to fancy at the
particular moment in time...be polygamous.  So I guess I could make
separate "zsh-compliant" release(s) of the code, with zsh license and
everything.  When finish the code in the first place, that is...I can
even try to build some rudimentary compatibility with the zsh globbing
code, if that helps -- and if I have the time.

 > >I would say the proposed case-blind option is very much fiddling with
 > >the semantics of the filesystem.
 > No, that's an additional option in glob patterns.  Doesn't affect the
 > apparent behaviour of the filesystem at all.  It only affects pattern
 > matching, and then only when one explicitly requests it (with (#i)).
 > One can already get multiple-directory globbing by writing a glob pattern
 > like (foo|bar)/baz.

See?  I said that I'm not up to speed with the zsh features...

And I still can pull another joker from my sleeve: cdpath is
definitely fiddling with the fs semantics :-)

 > -zefram
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