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Latest patched development version

I have put a new patched version of zsh 3.1.5 at


(the previous file zsh-3.1.5-patched.tar.gz has now disappeared).
It has the version number 3.1.5-pws-3 even though 1 and 2 weren't
numbered.  The following is a list of additions since the previous
version.  I am being less conservative than Zefram will presumably be
when 3.1.6 appears (I notice Zefram's keeping very quiet).  Note in
particular zftp, which is by no means guaranteed to compile on all
machines yet; there isn't even yet a not-even-attempting-to-compile
test (probably the presence of socket() would be a good one for that).
Fairly detailed reports about headers and libraries would be helpful.
If the worst comes to the worst, stick #if 0...#endif around the code
in Src/Modules/zftp.c .

4482 (cdmatch2)and 4641 (${assoc[0]}) now applied; 4641 was supposed
to be there before.

nroff manual pages deleted, you now need yodl.

deleted modules-bltin by hand, which `make distclean' somehow missed.
Caused problems when building a statically linked shell.

Bart's scanmatchtable fix, 4674

Commented out vifirstnonblank() in vioperswapcase(), pending any
better patch for it.

Bart's viforwardword fix, 4678

My case-independent globbing fix (case-independent testing was broken
after a top level *), 4693

Sven's zle_tricky.c, 4697

Sven's patch to ignore completions if the cursor is not in a part to
be completed, 4698, plus addition, 4707

I have not added Sven's zerr() patch, 4699, in case it has side
effects, but I haven't heard anything on the subject and I haven't
looked at it.

Sven's pennockite heap memory patch, 4700

Sven's condition module patch, 4716, and addition, 4732, and the
function wrapper patch, 4734, and additions, 4742, 4769: the module.c
bits of these have been moved around a little to avoid clashes with
the AIXDYNAMIC stuff.  The wrapper stuff is still not finished, but
doesn't currently impinge on use of the shell.

Phil Pennock's patch to use associative arrays in stat, 4727

Unposted fix for use of printcompctlptr in completion widgets:
printcompctl() had acquired another argument.  (None of the mucking
around with completion widgets to fit in with the latest completion
code has been separately posted.)

My bash-like ${foo/orig/new} patch, 4736, and the version to do
shortest matching together with optimizations of all pattern matching
in variable strings, 4754.

Phil's patch for typeset -a docs, 4737

Nobody wanted my fix for `FOO=x eval external', so it's not there.

zftp, 4761

Bart's fix for conddef without dynamical modules, 4762

Bart's associative array patches for implentation of subscripting flags,
4763, plus fix 4766; typeset output 4764

Sven's completion listing fix, 4767

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>       Tel: +39 050 844536
WWW:  http://www.ifh.de/~pws/
Dipartimento di Fisica, Via Buonarroti 2, 56127 Pisa, Italy

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