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Re: Latest patched development version

Erm, please ignore previous waffle post.  I should've read all the new
messages first.

Typing away merrily, Peter Stephenson produced the immortal words:
> I have put a new patched version of zsh 3.1.5 at
> http://www.ifh.de/~pws/computing/zsh-3.1.5-pws-3.tar.gz

I don't suppose it's possible to provide bzip2 compressed forms too, is
it?  I know it's more space on the server, but:
 (a) bzip2 is patent-free and GPL so same distrib as gzip
 (b) It provides better compression.

I'm still waiting for it to download.  But as a comparison from
zsh-3.1.5 (using figure in announce post and from my own patched 3.1.4):
  zsh-3.1.5.tar.gz as announced,    size 867498 bytes.
  zsh-3.1.5.tar.bz2 made via patch, size 669971 bytes.

> Phil Pennock's patch to use associative arrays in stat, 4727

Could someone familiar with the depths of params.c please check the
sethparam function I added?  The post (4727 I guess) contained warnings
about the checks in that.  There are bound to be problems with the
unhandled cases.  Please?  I'm just feeling very nervous about it.
--> Phil Pennock ; GAT d- s+:+ a22 C++(++++) UL++++/I+++/S+++/H+ P++@ L+++
E-@ W(+) N>++ o !K w--- O>+ M V !PS PE Y+ PGP+ t-- 5++ X+ R !tv b++>+++ DI+ D+
G+ e+ h* r y?

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