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Re: 4.0.1-pre-1

On Feb 14, 12:35pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I have uploaded zsh-4.0.1-pre-1.tar.gz to the archive in the development
} subdirectory.

Any particular reason we skipped 4.0.0?

} Bart's change for nested parameter substitution is still to go in.

Does that mean you agree that it should?  What about extending it to ${x=y}?
What about the issues discussed in 13468?

} If there are any outstanding bugs you feel still need to be fixed, please
} report them again.

You should know better than to ask me that ... let's see.  Some of the
following date back two years ...

Not a bug, but nothing ever came of the discussion of MAILCHECK from 6453.

Similarly, there was your (PWS's) parameter wishlist in 6565.

There was a whole thread about "cd" behavior, culminating with 8093.  I
meant to try to look at this and never managed to do so.

We appear to have given up on compadd flags, 8866.

There's the ksh incompatibility with array export, 9576.

Again not a bug, but we discussed making $_is_gnu more generic, 10998.

There's the SIGPIPE issue from 12223 (only partly fixed by 12222?).

Nobody ever even replied (publicly, anyway) to zsh-users/3273, nor to
zsh-users/3363.  They may not represent actual zsh bugs, though.

Andrej reported an associative array subscripting problem in 12484, and
brought up something similar in 12676.

Apparently nobody had any better ideas about 12724.

We never did anything about the thread that includes 12805, 12807, and

We never did anything about 12834.

Parts of 12867 were covered by 12869, but not all of 12867.

Nothing ever came of 12871.

There were some cygwin issues in 12981, 12982, 12987 that I don't know
whether were ever addressed.  (Andrej?)

Do we care about the tcsh [[ -X name ]] test, users/3450?

There was some discussion of better glob-option handling for _path_files
in 13131.

Andrej has already mentioned 13142 and 13144, though not by number.

Any reason not to do the doc fix suggested in users/3524?

Minor "make *clean" fix was suggested in 13245.

Looking at 13270 reminds me that we should go through the patch and bug
managers on SourceForge and clean things out there, too.

Are we going to accept 13280, or not?

There was an apparent race condition discussed in 13297 and 13298.

I see that Clint's committed 13323, but I'm not convinced that it's the
correct fix.

There's a bug report in 13338 that was never addressed.

And that covers everything that I've been informally keeping track of.

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