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Re: 4.0.1-pre-1

Ignoring most of the items which are associated with long discussions
(pah!) or the ones which may not even be bugs (pah! pah!):

> There's the ksh incompatibility with array export, 9576.

There's some commented-out code in there in one place already.  I think we
should make ksharrays export the first word and with noksharrays, to be
logical, export the array joined the same way we always get an array as a
single word (c.f. singsub()).  We should make sure we don't export the
array if it's tied to a colon-array.  I don't think we should export
associative arrays at all --- the order is undefined, so we can't guarantee
compatibility with ksh, nor promise a particular form for the non-ksh
exported value.  Unless anyone has ideas.

This needs some work on the addenv() call in typeset_single(), and
some work in export_param(), and some additions to call export_param() from
array code.  It's probably not hard, but it's also absurdly easy to miss
consequent changes in the parameter code.

> There's the SIGPIPE issue from 12223 (only partly fixed by 12222?).

I haven't thought about this since, but after jogging my memory by reading
12223, 12222 is good enough for the real problem, and the rest was just my
paranoia.  The issue was that if a `tee' spawned by a multio exits early,
the parent shell will get SIGPIPE and exit, too; but that's probably not a

> Andrej reported an associative array subscripting problem in 12484, and
> brought up something similar in 12676.

There is a fairly basic, though not necessarily intractable, difficulty in
parsing associative array subscripts.  There's a (clumsy) workaround using
scalar parameters as the subscript.

I didn't even notice the problem with patterns of the form 'foo?##bar'
before, oops.  (You're expected to use `foo?*bar', but it should still
work.)  There's a fix below --- seems to work, but I've completely
forgotten about the pattern code.

> Apparently nobody had any better ideas about 12724.

Probably a yodl bug.  Well, hope so.

> We never did anything about the thread that includes 12805, 12807, and
> 12812.
> We never did anything about 12834.

These are new features, rather than bugs.  Pah.

> Nothing ever came of 12871.

Coprocesses.  Painful.

> There were some cygwin issues in 12981, 12982, 12987 that I don't know
> whether were ever addressed.  (Andrej?)
> Andrej has already mentioned 13142 and 13144, though not by number.

I think there are still real problems within cygwin, but it's not that easy
to tell.  Certainly stuff involving pty's and job control is still
sufficiently unlike genuine UNIX to warrant our not diving in without a
good reason.

> Are we going to accept 13280, or not?

Alexandre's :r patch.  I think the answer is now `yes'.

> There was an apparent race condition discussed in 13297 and 13298.

Yup, that's still there.

> There's a bug report in 13338 that was never addressed.

The current cd behaviour is related to the loooong discussion about
following or not following links.  The neatest solution was Zefram's, of
keeping the modes completely separate: either just use the logical $PWD
with no second-guessing, or just pass the system exactly what the user
types in and always ask the system for the current directory.  But this
isn't going to get sorted out in a hurry.

> And that covers everything that I've been informally keeping track of.


Index: Src/pattern.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Src/pattern.c,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 pattern.c
--- Src/pattern.c	2000/05/31 08:56:24	1.8
+++ Src/pattern.c	2001/02/18 00:53:28
@@ -1103,13 +1103,19 @@
      * each time we fail on a non-empty branch, we try the empty branch,
      * which is equivalent to backtracking.
-    if ((flags & P_SIMPLE) && op == P_ONEHASH &&
+    if ((flags & P_SIMPLE) && (op == P_ONEHASH || op == P_TWOHASH) &&
 	P_OP((Upat)patout+starter) == P_ANY) {
 	/* Optimize ?# to *.  Silly thing to do, since who would use
 	 * use ?# ? But it makes the later code shorter.
 	Upat uptr = (Upat)patout + starter;
-	uptr->l = (uptr->l & ~0xff) | P_STAR;
+	if (op == P_TWOHASH) {
+	    /* ?## becomes ?* */
+	    uptr->l = (uptr->l & ~0xff) | P_ANY;
+	    pattail(starter, patnode(P_STAR));
+	} else {
+	    uptr->l = (uptr->l & ~0xff) | P_STAR;
+	}
     } else if ((flags & P_SIMPLE) && op && !(patglobflags & 0xff)) {
 	/* Don't simplify if we need to look for approximations. */
 	patinsert(op, starter, NULL, 0);
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