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Re: 4.0.1-pre-1

> I don't know if this can be considered as an `outstanding bug'
> but I haven't seen any mention of zsh-users/3574 in this thread.
> I've tried to run that script (testsuite) with Zsh: it takes a
> *while* to start (i.e., to parse, I guess), acquires all the
> memory, most of the swap, brings the machine to its knees, and
> eventually run script as would other shells.  Althought it
> actually works, this behavior is quite uncomfortable :)  
> Any idea?

I've had other problems, including `\c' not being interpreted by echo,
which is actually deliberate for `emulate sh', and lots of tests failing,
but there's something wrong with setting up here since a lot of tests fail
anyway.  The errors include usage messages from grep and egrep, and errors
from perl, so I don't think I'm going to be going very far as things stand
at the moment.  However, zsh does produce more errors.  I haven't seen
memory problems, though.  Maybe I'll try at home.

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