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Zshell for win32

 hi all,
          I know this is  not the place to put up something on win32.
It becomes necessary for me to get the suggestions on it before I embark
on the port.
Find enclosed a pre-mature  features  list for the shell I name  Zshell32.
thank you
Zshell32:-  This is going to be a port of unix open source shell(Zshell)
The idea of the port is to evolve an open source shell for native win32.
It will be based heavily on Zshell(3.1.9 or 4.0.1). Future versions of
Zshell32 will be based on the Zshell port of 3.1.9 or 4.0.1 and not on future 
versions of zshell.This is important for Zshell32 to evolve in win32.

Feature List for Zshell32:-
  Iam not optimistic  in getting an exact port of zshell  for native win32.
  Ofcourse zshell can be compiled and run in the cygwin environment.
  But the goal here isto provide a shell based on Zshell for native win32
  similar to existing cmd.exe  and other commercial shells like 4nt,4dos.
  Certain factors like NO  forking in win32 puts a severe limit on the 

  Features that won't be supported:-
  1)  No ksh and Bourne shell emulation.
      Instead provide cmd emulation  and provide the necessary entry points
      to emulate any other shells for win32.
  2)    First release will support no extra modules and multilanguage support.
  Features that will be supported:-
  1)    All the current Zshell programming syntax.
  2)    similar startup scripts as in unix.

Iam yet to draw up a TODO list.
I will be needing lot of help from all of you after I come up with the TODO list

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