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Re: Zshell for win32

On Mar 20,  2:31pm, vipin aravind wrote:
} Subject: Zshell for win32
} Zshell32:-  This is going to be a port of unix open source shell(Zshell)
} The idea of the port is to evolve an open source shell for native win32.
} It will be based heavily on Zshell(3.1.9 or 4.0.1). Future versions of
} Zshell32 will be based on the Zshell port of 3.1.9 or 4.0.1 and not on future 
} versions of zshell.This is important for Zshell32 to evolve in win32.

If what you're creating is not going to be zsh, then it should not have
a name resembling zsh or zshell.  I'm willing to give you all the help
I can to produce a win32 port of zsh that will at least track, and ideally
could be folded into, the regular zsh sources -- but I'm not pleased at
the idea of wading through questions from confused windows users who don't
know that the shell they have is not really zsh.

}   Certain factors like NO  forking in win32 puts a severe limit on the 
}   port.

I thought Amol's code had a pretty good fork emulation built into it; in
fact unless I'm very much mistaken I've had some success using that fork
emulation in porting other (smaller) unix programs to win32.

}   Features that won't be supported:-
}   1)  No ksh and Bourne shell emulation.
}       Instead provide cmd emulation  and provide the necessary entry points
}       to emulate any other shells for win32.

It's going to be a lot more work to remove the sh/ksh emulation than to
leave it alone.  Why would you want to take it out?

}   2)    First release will support no extra modules and multilanguage
} 	  support.

Not surprising, though the cygwin build should provide some hints on how
to construct DLLs for the modules.

}   Features that will be supported:-
}   1)    All the current Zshell programming syntax.
}   2)    similar startup scripts as in unix.

A reasonable start.

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