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Re: Moving completion functions

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> On Mar 19, 10:46am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> } Subject: Re: Moving completion functions
> }
> } echo adding tag
> } cvs tag comp-dirs .
> } 
> } move $files
> I'd throw a "cvs update" in there before the "cvs tag", just in case.

Yes, right.

> Here are my suggestions for renaming in the Functions subdirectory.  I've
> left in Functions/Misc anything that it seemed likely one might want to
> have in one's "standard" fpath, relocated stuff related to old compctl
> completions into Functions/Compctl, and stashed everything else in
> Functions/Examples.  A few of those latter might possibly want to be
> in Misc instead; I've marked those.

For now I've just copied it into the script.

> And of course we could then rename the entire Misc directory to something
> less vague, but I didn't put any thought into that yet.
> Functions/Misc/acx		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
> Functions/Misc/cx		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
> Functions/Misc/yp		Functions/Examples	# Misc?
> Functions/Misc/yu		Functions/Examples	# Misc?

I've always thought that these are almost not worth a separate
function file.  Because of that I think `Examples' is fine.

> Functions/Misc/is-at-least	Functions/Misc	# Needs un-ksh-autoloading

So should I change it to our normal format while moving it?

> Functions/Misc/run-help		Functions/Misc	# Add #autoload line?

There's the problem that the file then wouldn't work as a script
(because currently the `#autoload' has to be in the first line, this
could be changed, though).

Btw. is hard-wiring /usr/local/bin/zsh a good idea? And others say
`#! /bin/sh'.

We've been talking once or twice about a more general sub-system
configuration and autoloading mechanism.  And it's still on my list.
Then we just had the discussion about the completion directories.

Maybe we could try to collect ideas after 4.0, come up with a generic
mechanism for auto-loading and installing packages (or sub-packages)
and then convert all functions in the distribution as needed,
integrating Peter's work on config.modules.

Ok, things left:

- possible renaming of the Functions/Misc directory
- possible renaming of the tag- and label-completion-functions
- renaming of the files in Test

Changing top-level directory names to their singular forms seems to
not have been considered anymore.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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