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Re: Moving completion functions

Sven wrote:
> - renaming of the files in Test

We could do them in sections.  There are obviously gaps, but doing them
this way makes it easier to reorder to something more rational when the
gaps (particularly in options and builtins) are filled a bit better.
(It also makes it easier to add an extra digit in one section if that every
becomes necessary, heaven forfend.)

Some of these could still be reordered.  For example, arith could be later
in section B and parameter could be earlier in section C.  We can't
completely get rid of the dependencies, so there's no point losing too much
sleep over it.

Section A: basic command parsing and execution

01grammar.ztst 	       	       	 A01grammar.ztst
02alias.ztst			 A02alias.ztst
03quoting.ztst			 A03quoting.ztst
04redirect.ztst			 A04redirect.ztst
05command.ztst			 A05execution.ztst

Section B: shell commands with special syntax

06arith.ztst			 B01arith.ztst
07cond.ztst			 B02cond.ztst
08traps.ztst			 B03traps.ztst
09funcdef.ztst			 B04funcdef.ztst

Section C: substititution

10prompt.ztst			 C01prompt.ztst
11glob.ztst			 C02glob.ztst
12procsubst.ztst		 C03procsubst.ztst
13parameter.ztst		 C04parameter.ztst
14array.ztst			 C05array.ztst

Section D: options

# We need more tests here!  There was going to be an options test, but
# it's huge to write.
51xtrace.ztst			 D02xtrace.ztst

Section E: builtins

50cd.ztst      	       	       	 E01cd.ztst
# More, more, more
52zregexparse.ztst		 E02zregexparse.ztst

Section F: line editing and completion

53completion.ztst      	       	 F01completion.ztst
54compmatch.ztst		 F02compmatch.ztst
55arguments.ztst                 F03arguments.ztst

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