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Movign Test functions (Re: Moving completion functions)

On Mar 22, 11:03am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: Moving completion functions
} Sven wrote:
} > - renaming of the files in Test
} Some of these could still be reordered.  For example, arith could be later
} in section B and parameter could be earlier in section C.  We can't
} completely get rid of the dependencies, so there's no point losing too much
} sleep over it.
} Section E: builtins
} 50cd.ztst      	       	       	 E01cd.ztst
} # More, more, more
} 52zregexparse.ztst		 E02zregexparse.ztst

Hmm, I don't believe I'd put cd in the same section with zregexparse.
Separate the "real" builtins from those that are in modules.

Otherwise I like the basic scheme.  How about this:

# Section A: basic command parsing and execution

01grammar.ztst 	       	       	 A01grammar.ztst
02alias.ztst			 A02alias.ztst
03quoting.ztst			 A03quoting.ztst
04redirect.ztst			 A04redirect.ztst
05command.ztst			 A05execution.ztst

# Section B: builtins

50cd.ztst      	       	       	 B01cd.ztst
# More, more, more

# Section C: shell commands with special syntax

06arith.ztst			 C01arith.ztst
07cond.ztst			 C02cond.ztst
08traps.ztst			 C03traps.ztst
09funcdef.ztst			 C04funcdef.ztst

# Section D: substititution

10prompt.ztst			 D01prompt.ztst
11glob.ztst			 D02glob.ztst
12procsubst.ztst		 D03procsubst.ztst
13parameter.ztst		 D04parameter.ztst
14array.ztst			 D05array.ztst

Section E: options

51xtrace.ztst			 E02xtrace.ztst

# Section X: modules

52zregexparse.ztst		 X02zregexparse.ztst
# More, more, more

# Section Z: line editing and completion

53completion.ztst		 Z01completion.ztst
54compmatch.ztst		 Z02compmatch.ztst
55arguments.ztst		 Z03arguments.ztst

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