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Setting MONITOR after startup

While fooling with Ryan Richter's infinite-loop-bug, I happened to try
running `zsh +m':

zagzig% setopt
zagzig% setopt monitor
zsh: can't set tty pgrp: operation not permitted
zagzig% setopt monitor
zagzig% sleep 10 &
[1] 11706
zagzig% jobs
[1]  + running    sleep 10
[1]  + done       sleep 10

Why did "setopt monitor" fail the first time, but not the second time?

Also, I can't reproduce it now with "zsh -f +m" but at one point the entire
shell got stopped with a SIGTTOU.  This led me to notice that there's a lot
of signal handling that's only done when `jobbing' is true when the shell
first starts up; maybe some of that should be independent of `jobbing', or
maybe it all needs to get done again somewhere else if the state of MONITOR

No patch yet ...

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author