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Re: Setting MONITOR after startup

Actually this is very similar to what happens under Cygwin ("not an owner"
or like this trying to set tty pgrp). This happens only for zpty.

Just in case it may be useful to compare two cases. I am off for this week
so hardly have any chance to do it.


On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> While fooling with Ryan Richter's infinite-loop-bug, I happened to try
> running `zsh +m':
> zagzig% setopt
> interactive
> norcs
> shinstdin
> zle
> zagzig% setopt monitor
> zsh: can't set tty pgrp: operation not permitted
> zagzig% setopt monitor
> zagzig% sleep 10 &
> [1] 11706
> zagzig% jobs
> [1]  + running    sleep 10
> zagzig%
> [1]  + done       sleep 10
> zagzig%
> Why did "setopt monitor" fail the first time, but not the second time?
> Also, I can't reproduce it now with "zsh -f +m" but at one point the entire
> shell got stopped with a SIGTTOU.  This led me to notice that there's a lot
> of signal handling that's only done when `jobbing' is true when the shell
> first starts up; maybe some of that should be independent of `jobbing', or
> maybe it all needs to get done again somewhere else if the state of MONITOR
> changes?
> No patch yet ...

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