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Re: prefix-needed style in _popd

--- Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 
> Bleah... I never liked that prefix-needed business.

I just never liked prefix-needed false behaviour. Maybe only because I
was used to always requiring a prefix going back to all my old tcsh
completions. One character prefixes are not a lot to type and it is
nice to cut down the number of matches.

> Hm.  We're here at the core of the zsh-philosophy, aren't we?  Do it

I know what you mean here.

> Removing the prefix-needed handling is of course the easiest thing
> (and give the behaviour I almost certainly would want and expect,
> too).  For that completeness thing we would have to add every entry
> with `+' and `-'.

Personally, I think completeness purely for its own sake is pointless
unless you enjoy implementing it. Can I suggest then that if anyone
feels that completeness here is important or that there is some other
behaviour they want (such as choosing + or -) that they say. Otherwise
we should just remove prefix-needed from _popd so that what is
effectively a bug is gone. 

If anyone does make any significant changes to _popd, can I suggest
that they consider looking at _tilde which could and possibly should
call _popd (especially if _popd is renamed _directory_stack). Currently
it repeats much of _popd.


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