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Re: prefix-needed style in _popd

On Mar 27, 11:42am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Removing the prefix-needed handling is of course the easiest thing
} (and give the behaviour I almost certainly would want and expect,
} too).  For that completeness thing we would have to add every entry
} with `+' and `-'.

This is actually what _mailboxes does ... it adds all possible matches,
with + or @ or % or full paths or whatever ... I was wondering whether
it ought to be testing prefix-needed, too.

Sven's patch to _popd makes it behave as if prefix-needed were true
without actually testing the style any more, whereas _mailboxes behaves
as if prefix-needed were false.  The inconsistency concerns me (but not
very much).

On Mar 27, 12:39pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} I just never liked prefix-needed false behaviour. Maybe only because I
} was used to always requiring a prefix going back to all my old tcsh
} completions. One character prefixes are not a lot to type and it is
} nice to cut down the number of matches.

I don't set prefix-needed at all, myself, but I don't understand the
objection to the `false' behavior.  If you're used to typing a prefix,
then you'll have typed one, and any listing will be restricted to the
matches that have that prefix.  Is the issue that you don't want to
see the possible completions that have a prefix when you complete with
no prefix in the word on the line?

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