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Moving completion functions

Here's the latest version of the script.

The things left to decide are (if I'm not mistaken) the names of some
of the functions.

I really only have a suggestion for _compalso: putting it into
Base/Utility and renaming it to `_contexts' because it completes
everything for the context described in the arguments, just like
_arguments and other functions in Utility.

And a better name for `_wanted' might be `_offer', but that doesn't
make it easier to find in a directory listing, of course.  Although it
would end up just before `_requested' and there are only twelve
functions in the directory anyway.

Twelve, unless we move the _call_* function into the Utility directory,
too, which seems sensible, somehow.

I've rearranged the functions, sorted by their new position.


move2() {
  perl -ne \
     print' $1 > $2

move1() {
  local name dir1 dir2

  [[ $2 = */*/* && $2 != */*/*/* ]] && 2=${2}/${name}

  if [[ ! -f $1 ]]; then
    if [[ -f $2 ]]; then
      echo $1 already moved to $2
      echo ERROR: $1 does not exist

  echo moving $1 to $2


  if [[ ! -d $dir1 ]]; then
    echo new directory $dir1
    mkdir $dir1
    echo "  cvs add    $dir1"
    cvs add $dir1
    echo "  cvs commit $dir1"
    cvs commit -m 'new completion directory' $dir1

  if [[ ! -d $dir2 ]]; then
    echo new directory $dir2
    mkdir $dir2
    echo "  cvs add    $dir2"
    cvs add $dir2
    echo "  cvs commit $dir2"
    cvs commit -m 'new completion directory' $dir2

  move2 $1 $2
  chmod 600 $2
  rm $1

  echo "  cvs remove $1"
  cvs remove $1
  echo "  cvs commit $1"
  cvs commit -m "moved to $2" $1

  echo "  cvs add    $2"
  cvs add $2
  echo "  cvs commit $2"
  cvs commit -m "moved from $1" $2

# Overall structure:
# Completion
#   comp{init,install,...}
#   Base
#     Core        basic functions
#     Completer   completers
#     Utility     utility functions (_arguments,...)
#     Widget      bindable commands
#   Zsh
#     Type        types of matches
#     Context     special contexts
#     Command     builtins and functions
#   Unix
#     Type
#     Command
#   X/AIX/BSD/Debian/Redhat
#     Utility
#     Type
#     Command


## Completion

Core/compaudit                  compaudit
Core/compdump                   compdump
Core/compinit                   compinit
Core/compinstall                compinstall

Core/_all_labels                Base/Core
Core/_compalso                  Base/Core
Core/_description               Base/Core
Core/_main_complete             Base/Core
Core/_message                   Base/Core
Core/_next_label                Base/Core
Core/_normal                    Base/Core
Core/_requested                 Base/Core
Core/_setup                     Base/Core
Core/_tags                      Base/Core
Core/_wanted                    Base/Core
Core/_funcall                   Base/Core/_call_function
Core/_call                      Base/Core/_call_program
Core/_all_matches               Base/Completer
Core/_approximate               Base/Completer
Core/_complete                  Base/Completer
Core/_correct                   Base/Completer
Core/_expand                    Base/Completer
Core/_expand_alias              Base/Completer
Core/_history                   Base/Completer
Core/_ignored                   Base/Completer
Core/_list                      Base/Completer
Core/_match                     Base/Completer
Core/_menu                      Base/Completer
Core/_oldlist                   Base/Completer
Core/_prefix                    Base/Completer
Base/_arg_compile               Base/Utility
Base/_arguments                 Base/Utility
Base/_cache_invalid             Base/Utility
Base/_combination               Base/Utility
Base/_describe                  Base/Utility
Base/_regex_arguments           Base/Utility
Base/_retrieve_cache            Base/Utility
Base/_store_cache               Base/Utility
Base/_sub_commands              Base/Utility
Base/_values                    Base/Utility
Builtins/_nothing               Base/Utility
Core/_alternative               Base/Utility
Core/_multi_parts               Base/Utility
Core/_sep_parts                 Base/Utility
Commands/_bash_completions      Base/Widget
Commands/_complete_debug        Base/Widget
Commands/_complete_help         Base/Widget
Commands/_complete_tag          Base/Widget
Commands/_correct_filename      Base/Widget
Commands/_correct_word          Base/Widget
Commands/_expand_word           Base/Widget
Commands/_generic               Base/Widget
Commands/_history_complete_word Base/Widget
Commands/_most_recent_file      Base/Widget
Commands/_next_tags             Base/Widget
Commands/_read_comp             Base/Widget

Base/_command_names             Zsh/Type
Base/_jobs                      Zsh/Type
Builtins/_aliases               Zsh/Type
Builtins/_arrays                Zsh/Type
Builtins/_functions             Zsh/Type
Builtins/_limits                Zsh/Type
Builtins/_vars                  Zsh/Type
Core/_file_descriptors          Zsh/Type
Core/_options                   Zsh/Type
Core/_parameters                Zsh/Type
Builtins/_popd                  Zsh/Type/_directory_stack
Builtins/_bg_jobs               Zsh/Type/_jobs_bg
Builtins/_fg_jobs               Zsh/Type/_jobs_fg
Core/_set_options               Zsh/Type/_options_set
Core/_unset_options             Zsh/Type/_options_unset
Base/_brace_parameter           Zsh/Context
Base/_condition                 Zsh/Context
Base/_default                   Zsh/Context
Base/_equal                     Zsh/Context
Base/_first                     Zsh/Context
Base/_in_vared                  Zsh/Context
Base/_math                      Zsh/Context
Base/_parameter                 Zsh/Context
Base/_redirect                  Zsh/Context
Base/_subscript                 Zsh/Context
Base/_tilde                     Zsh/Context
Base/_value                     Zsh/Context
Base/_precommand                Zsh/Command
Builtins/_autoload              Zsh/Command
Builtins/_bindkey               Zsh/Command
Builtins/_builtin               Zsh/Command
Builtins/_cd                    Zsh/Command
Builtins/_command               Zsh/Command
Builtins/_compdef               Zsh/Command
Builtins/_disable               Zsh/Command
Builtins/_echotc                Zsh/Command
Builtins/_emulate               Zsh/Command
Builtins/_enable                Zsh/Command
Builtins/_fc                    Zsh/Command
Builtins/_hash                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_kill                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_print                 Zsh/Command
Builtins/_read                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_sched                 Zsh/Command
Builtins/_set                   Zsh/Command
Builtins/_setopt                Zsh/Command
Builtins/_source                Zsh/Command
Builtins/_stat                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_trap                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_unhash                Zsh/Command
Builtins/_unsetopt              Zsh/Command
Builtins/_wait                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_which                 Zsh/Command
Builtins/_zcompile              Zsh/Command
Builtins/_zftp                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_zle                   Zsh/Command
Builtins/_zmodload              Zsh/Command
Builtins/_zpty                  Zsh/Command
Builtins/_zstyle                Zsh/Command
User/_mere                      Zsh/Command
User/_prompt                    Zsh/Command
Builtins/_vars_eq               Zsh/Command/_typeset

Builtins/_pids                  Unix/Type
Builtins/_signals               Unix/Type
Core/_files                     Unix/Type
Core/_path_files                Unix/Type
User/_diff_options              Unix/Type
User/_dir_list                  Unix/Type
User/_domains                   Unix/Type
User/_groups                    Unix/Type
User/_hosts                     Unix/Type
User/_mailboxes                 Unix/Type
User/_my_accounts               Unix/Type
User/_newsgroups                Unix/Type
User/_other_accounts            Unix/Type
User/_pdf                       Unix/Type
User/_perl_basepods             Unix/Type
User/_perl_builtin_funcs        Unix/Type
User/_perl_modules              Unix/Type
User/_ports                     Unix/Type
User/_printers                  Unix/Type
User/_ps                        Unix/Type
User/_pspdf                     Unix/Type
User/_tar_archive               Unix/Type
User/_tex                       Unix/Type
User/_texi                      Unix/Type
User/_tilde_files               Unix/Type
User/_urls                      Unix/Type
User/_user_at_host              Unix/Type
User/_users                     Unix/Type
User/_users_on                  Unix/Type
User/_dirs                      Unix/Type/_directories
User/_a2ps                      Unix/Command
User/_apachectl                 Unix/Command
User/_archie                    Unix/Command
User/_arp                       Unix/Command
User/_bison                     Unix/Command
User/_bzip2                     Unix/Command
User/_chown                     Unix/Command
User/_compress                  Unix/Command
User/_configure                 Unix/Command
User/_cpio                      Unix/Command
User/_cvs                       Unix/Command
User/_dd                        Unix/Command
User/_dict                      Unix/Command
User/_diff                      Unix/Command
User/_dvi                       Unix/Command
User/_enscript                  Unix/Command
User/_fakeroot                  Unix/Command
User/_fetchmail                 Unix/Command
User/_find                      Unix/Command
User/_finger                    Unix/Command
User/_flex                      Unix/Command
User/_gcc                       Unix/Command
User/_gdb                       Unix/Command
User/_getconf                   Unix/Command
User/_gprof                     Unix/Command
User/_grep                      Unix/Command
User/_gs                        Unix/Command
User/_gzip                      Unix/Command
User/_iconv                     Unix/Command
User/_imagemagick               Unix/Command
User/_init_d                    Unix/Command
User/_ispell                    Unix/Command
User/_java                      Unix/Command
User/_joe                       Unix/Command
User/_killall                   Unix/Command
User/_look                      Unix/Command
User/_lp                        Unix/Command
User/_ls                        Unix/Command
User/_lynx                      Unix/Command
User/_lzop                      Unix/Command
User/_make                      Unix/Command
User/_man                       Unix/Command
User/_mh                        Unix/Command
User/_mount                     Unix/Command
User/_mutt                      Unix/Command
User/_mysql_utils               Unix/Command
User/_ncftp                     Unix/Command
User/_nslookup                  Unix/Command
User/_pack                      Unix/Command
User/_patch                     Unix/Command
User/_pbm                       Unix/Command
User/_perl                      Unix/Command
User/_perldoc                   Unix/Command
User/_prcs                      Unix/Command
User/_psutils                   Unix/Command
User/_rcs                       Unix/Command
User/_rlogin                    Unix/Command
User/_sh                        Unix/Command
User/_slrn                      Unix/Command
User/_socket                    Unix/Command
User/_ssh                       Unix/Command
User/_strip                     Unix/Command
User/_stty                      Unix/Command
User/_su                        Unix/Command
User/_sudo                      Unix/Command
User/_tar                       Unix/Command
User/_telnet                    Unix/Command
User/_tiff                      Unix/Command
User/_tin                       Unix/Command
User/_w3m                       Unix/Command
User/_webbrowser                Unix/Command
User/_wget                      Unix/Command
User/_whereis                   Unix/Command
User/_whois                     Unix/Command
User/_xargs                     Unix/Command
User/_yodl                      Unix/Command
User/_yp                        Unix/Command
User/_zcat                      Unix/Command
User/_zdump                     Unix/Command
User/_zip                       Unix/Command
User/_use_lo                    Unix/Command/_gnu_generic

X/_x_borderwidth                X/Type
X/_x_color                      X/Type
X/_x_colormapid                 X/Type
X/_x_cursor                     X/Type
X/_x_display                    X/Type
X/_x_extension                  X/Type
X/_x_font                       X/Type
X/_x_geometry                   X/Type
X/_x_keysym                     X/Type
X/_x_locale                     X/Type
X/_x_modifier                   X/Type
X/_x_name                       X/Type
X/_x_resource                   X/Type
X/_x_selection_timeout          X/Type
X/_x_title                      X/Type
X/_x_window                     X/Type
X/_xt_session_id                X/Type
X/_x_arguments                  X/Utility
X/_xt_arguments                 X/Utility
User/_gv                        X/Command
User/_nedit                     X/Command
User/_netscape                  X/Command
X/_xauth                        X/Command
X/_xdvi                         X/Command
X/_xfig                         X/Command
X/_xmodmap                      X/Command
X/_xrdb                         X/Command
X/_xset                         X/Command
X/_xterm                        X/Command
X/_xv                           X/Command
X/_xwit                         X/Command
X/_xutils                       X/Command/_x_utils

AIX/_logical_volumes            AIX/Type
AIX/_object_classes             AIX/Type
AIX/_physical_volumes           AIX/Type
AIX/_volume_groups              AIX/Type
AIX/_floppy                     AIX/Command
AIX/_lscfg                      AIX/Command
AIX/_lsdev                      AIX/Command
AIX/_lslv                       AIX/Command
AIX/_lspv                       AIX/Command
AIX/_lsvg                       AIX/Command
AIX/_smit                       AIX/Command

Bsd/_bsd_pkg                    BSD/Command
Bsd/_cvsup                      BSD/Command
Bsd/_kld                        BSD/Command

Debian/_deb_packages            Debian/Type
Debian/_apt                     Debian/Command
Debian/_bug                     Debian/Command
Debian/_dpkg                    Debian/Command
Debian/_dupload                 Debian/Command
Debian/_dpkg-source             Debian/Command/_dpkg_source

Linux/_rpm                      Redhat/Command

## Other functions

Functions/Misc/acx		Functions/Example	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/allopt		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/cat		Functions/Example
Functions/Misc/cdmatch		Functions/Compctl
Functions/Misc/cdmatch2		Functions/Compctl
Functions/Misc/checkmail	Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/colors		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/cx		Functions/Example	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/harden		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/is-at-least	Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/mere		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/multicomp	Functions/Compctl
Functions/Misc/nslookup		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/promptnl		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/proto		Functions/Example
Functions/Misc/pushd		Functions/Example
Functions/Misc/randline		Functions/Example
Functions/Misc/run-help		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/yp		Functions/Example	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/yu		Functions/Example	# Misc?
Functions/Misc/zed		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zkbd		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zless		Functions/Example
Functions/Misc/zls		Functions/Example
Functions/Misc/zmv		Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zrecompile	Functions/Misc
Functions/Misc/zstyle+		Functions/Misc

## Test scripts

# Section A: basic command parsing and execution

Test/01grammar.ztst 	       	 Test/A01grammar.ztst
Test/02alias.ztst		 Test/A02alias.ztst
Test/03quoting.ztst		 Test/A03quoting.ztst
Test/04redirect.ztst		 Test/A04redirect.ztst
Test/05command.ztst		 Test/A05execution.ztst

# Section B: builtins

Test/50cd.ztst      	       	 Test/B01cd.ztst
# More, more, more

# Section C: shell commands with special syntax

Test/06arith.ztst		 Test/C01arith.ztst
Test/07cond.ztst		 Test/C02cond.ztst
Test/08traps.ztst		 Test/C03traps.ztst
Test/09funcdef.ztst		 Test/C04funcdef.ztst

# Section D: substititution

Test/10prompt.ztst		 Test/D01prompt.ztst
Test/11glob.ztst		 Test/D02glob.ztst
Test/12procsubst.ztst		 Test/D03procsubst.ztst
Test/13parameter.ztst		 Test/D04parameter.ztst
Test/14array.ztst		 Test/D05array.ztst

# Section E: options

# We need more tests here!  There was going to be an options test, but
# it's huge to write.

#                                [E01options.ztst]

Test/51xtrace.ztst		 Test/E02xtrace.ztst

# Section X: builtins

#				 [X01zmodload.ztst]

Test/52zregexparse.ztst		 Test/X02zregexparse.ztst

# Section Z: line editing and completion

Test/53completion.ztst      	 Test/Z01completion.ztst
Test/54compmatch.ztst		 Test/Z02compmatch.ztst
Test/55arguments.ztst            Test/Z03arguments.ztst


move() {
  local i

  while (( $# )); do
    [[ $1 = (Functions|Test)/* ]]; then
      move1 ./$1 ./$2
      move1 Completion/$1 Completion/$2
    shift 2

  for i in Completion/*/*(/) Functions/*(/) Test
    print "DISTFILES_SRC='" >  $i/.distfiles
    print .distfiles        >> $i/.distfiles
    print -c $i/*(.N)        >> $i/.distfiles
    print "'"               >> $i/.distfiles

  # Change:
  #   Completion/.distfiles
  #   Completion/compaudit
  #   Completion/compinstall
  #   Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo
  #   Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
  #   Doc/Zsh/zftpsys.yo
  #   Src/Zle/complete.mdd
  #   Test/ztst.zsh
  #   Etc/completion-style-guide
  #   _dict_words
  #   is-at-least
  #   The Guide

echo updating
cvs update
echo adding tag
cvs tag pre-func-move .

move $files

Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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