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Two missing completion functions that bug me

I won't commit these yet (hence they're not presented in diff form); either
Sven can add them at the Great Renaming, or I'll add them after it happens.

The only reason for using _arguments in fned is to get "no more arguments"
behavior after the first name is completed; otherwise it could simply
call _functions directly.

---- 8< ---- _zed ---- 8< ---
#compdef zed fned
case $service in
(fned) _arguments ':shell function:_functions';;
(zed) _arguments '(-):file:_files' \
	'(:)-f[edit function]:shell function:_functions';;
---- 8< ---- _zed ---- 8< ---

When adding this next one, remember to remove vared from _vars.

---- 8< ---- _vared ---- 8< ---
#compdef vared
_arguments -s -A '-*' ':parameter spec:_vars' \
    '(-A)-a[edit array parameter]:parameter name:_parameters -g array\*' \
    '(-a)-A[edit associative array]:parameter name:_parameters -g assoc\*' \
    '-c+[create parameter or change type]' \
    '-h+[enable history]' \
    '-e+[exit on EOF (^D)]' \
    '-p[specify left prompt]:prompt string:' \
    '-r[specify right prompt]:prompt string:'
---- 8< ---- _vared ---- 8< ---

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