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Re: Moving completion functions

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> ...
> BTW, a remark on my sectioning scheme for the Test directory:  Section Y
> is for tests of builtin interactive commands/constructs (select, read -q,
> etc.) where the tests themselves need to use the zpty module, which will
> (eventually) have been tested in section X ...
> We might want to add description of this naming to a Test/README or to the
> comments in ztst.zsh.


Felix Rosencrantz wrote:

> ...
> I've been busy and away, so I'm quite a bit behind on the mailing list. But
> just wanted to stick my nose in....  It might be worth splitting completion and
> the rest of zle in to separate sections.  Both of these modules represent 
> a lot of space in the documentation and code.  Because there is a lot of
> code/functionality that can be tested, it seems like it would be worthwhile to
> give each a separate section.

That sounds sensible.  Maybe start using lower-case letters for the
parts that are big enough to be called `systems', i.e. completion and
zftp and later probably more?

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> ... [ _wanted and firends ]
> In that case, better leave it, in case anyone's being looking at the user
> guide, which makes quite heavy use of _wanted.

That's fine with me.

and Bart again:

> I won't commit these yet (hence they're not presented in diff form); either
> Sven can add them at the Great Renaming, or I'll add them after it happens.

I've added that to the todo-list in the script.

> The only reason for using _arguments in fned is to get "no more arguments"
> behavior after the first name is completed; otherwise it could simply
> call _functions directly.

Or test [[ CURRENT -gt 2 ]] directly...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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