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Re: Moving completion functions

On Mar 29, 11:33am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: Moving completion functions
} Felix Rosencrantz wrote:
} > I've been busy and away, so I'm quite a bit behind on the mailing
} > list. But just wanted to stick my nose in.... It might be worth
} > splitting completion and the rest of zle in to separate sections.
} > Both of these modules represent a lot of space in the documentation
} > and code. Because there is a lot of code/functionality that can be
} > tested, it seems like it would be worthwhile to give each a separate
} > section.
} That sounds sensible.  Maybe start using lower-case letters for the
} parts that are big enough to be called `systems', i.e. completion and
} zftp and later probably more?

I don't particularly object, but it doesn't seem to me to be necessary.
If the issue is having "room" in a section for more than 100 test files,
just use three digits instead of two after the letter; surely no section
is ever going to need more than 1000 files?!?

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