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Re: Two missing completion functions that bug me

On Mar 29, 11:09am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} >     '-c+[create parameter or change type]' \
} I'm not sure you need the + after -c, or at least that is the only
} difference to my function (other than wording for the help info).

You're right; upon another attempt, none of -c, -e, nor -h need the `+'.
I was thinking it was needed to get other options to be completed in the
same word, because of:

% vared -a<TAB>
% vared -a 
         ^cursor silently moves here

but in fact that's because -a takes an argument, not (only) because it
does not have the `+'.  (Is there a way *other than* adding a ->state
machine to get other options to complete in the same word but arguments
in the next for an option like -a?  I was thinking not, and in fact I
was thinking that I was one who asserted that ->state was a sufficient
solution for this, a position I'm not inclined to change.)

} Would it be worth it to try to have completions for all builtins ready
} for 4.0?


} I've put a (quickly generated so not ideal) list of all those
} which don't have a completion

I get the same list as you, by comparing ${(k)_comps} to ${(k)builtins}.
Arguably these don't need completions because they can't be used in an
interactive way:

  compadd        compdescribe   compgroups     compset        comptry
  comparguments  compfiles      compquote      comptags       compvalues

Similarly zregexparse, which although it could be used interactively,
doesn't make much sense outside _regex_arguments and is not really even

I suppose one could provide completions for them anyway, in case one is
editing a new completion function on the fly, but it seems a lot of work
for not a lot of benefit.

These don't need completions because they're keywords:

  break     continue

Which leaves:

  :            echo         pushln       suspend      umask
  [            exit         pwd          test         zformat
  bye          getln        r            ttyctl       zparseopts
  dirs         logout       return       ulimit       zprof

} Any ideas what should be done for commands with just one option
} (like suspend) - completing -f might not be what people expect.

Behave as if prefix-needed is true.  Complete nothing unless the `-' is
already there.

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