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Re: Functions moved

Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 

> - As I said this morning, I've not added _vared (but _zed).  And of
>   course I haven't changed _vars because of that.

I'll commit _vared later

As you mentioned, _apm got left behind. I've never seen the apm
command. Is it Mandrake specific? It should probably be in
Linux/Command or somewhere.

> - Configure-stuff: I hope to have got everything right so that one
>   directory-level from the completion directories is removed on
>   installation (all Zsh/*/* functions are installed under Zsh/).  We

A few things aren't quite right. I did configure with
--enable-function-subdirs. I got some old directories (User, Bsd,
Builtins) - we should be able to remove them. compinit, compdump etc
got placed in their very own subdirectory and $fpath is wrong. Should I
not have used --enable-function-subdirs?


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